or when u think about how ur a raging lesbian but then u see frank and ur like ‘hmmm maybe……’

that is literally me like if it wasn’t for frank i’d probably be a full time lesbian

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Anonymous asked:
"whenever i get nervous i laugh and avoid eye contact i would make a terrible lawyer"

Me too I think I’ll probably be kicked out of court

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Anonymous asked:
"HEY YO! CONGRATS ON PASSING YOUR BAR EXAM!!! ur the only person i know that has a ~profession~ Woo!!!"

TYSM i mean i still have to go get my license but other than that it’s all good

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do you guys ever think about how frank is your exception for pretty much every situation like when you think about sweaty people touching you and you’re like EW but then you think of a sweaty frank all over you and that idea suddenly seems to be amazing……..or when you’re talking about how you’d never eat ass but then you think about frank’s ass and you’re like WELL

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Hello tumblr

Say hi to your new cool ass LAWYER

i think today is the first day in probably a year i’ll be able to sleep properly without anything making me nervous or anxious and i’m super thrilled

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Anonymous asked:
"congratulations on becoming a real lawyer if i ever have to sue somebody i'll make sure to come to you i bet you could destroy somebody in court"

i’ll probably have to work on this thing where my voice gets really high and pitchy when i’m nervous cause no one’s gonna take me seriously otherwise lmao tysm anon <333

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"congrats! im so happy for you!!!"

thank u boo <3

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i’m gonna go nap for five years probably i’m so emotionally drained

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my first lawsuit will be against frank because firstly, who allowed him to look like that

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if you think you have seen everything about gerard please give a special welcome to feminist gerard

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Anonymous asked:
"SO HAPPY FOR U, CONGRATS!! <3 it's so important !"


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Let ‘em talk cause we’re dancing in this world alone

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